The best money management and financial planning app for Android

financial planning app android

Managing personal finances can be the bane of our monetary easing. At first glance, everything seems simple – get a monthly income, reduce rent and bills, set aside cash for rainy days, and put the rest on your mind.

But most of the time the reality is two weeks after payday you wonder where all that money went when you walk out of the grocery store with nothing like a Schriracha and buy a box of pasta with what you put in the bottom of your spare cash barrel. . .

What can you do to avoid getting into financial trouble yourself?

First you need to be disciplined and then you will get a good financial planning app because just keeping track of budgets and expenses is just as scary.

The five apps we look at here link directly to your bank account, track your spending habits, and capture the truth about your financial well-being in beautiful graphic form.

For some, you can also set monetary goals, flexibly adjust monitoring, and review personalized tips to spend wisely and save money. They are great tools to use when you are ready to start serious financial planning. Oh, and most of them are free!

A free and secure app that does almost anything you could ever want.

Level is a simple but powerful tool to analyze your financial status. Leaving it for your important expenses (bills, rent, etc.), you can easily distribute your disposable income and use the daily expense guide to keep things under control. Of course, life sometimes requires fluctuations in expenses, but the value of consumption can be adjusted at any time.

This app can automatically group your spending habits and provide sample transactions so you can better understand your spending habits. Another useful trick is to track and compare your monthly spending history.

Since tracking cash flow is an important part of financial planning, Level comes with a utility that lets you select transactions from all your bank and credit card accounts from a single information feed. This allows you to see deviations in your expenses or income, compare recent activity to your regular expenses, and change transaction names, amounts, or other variables.

Levels also uses this data to estimate your combined balance and expenses for a month, and to outline your billing and income patterns on a calendar.

All data comes from your current bank account, with access to over 18,000 financial institutions in the US To ensure a good level of security, this application is limited to read-only access to your financial data, has 128-bit built-in SSL and AES encryption and offers verified security from Intuit and McAfee.

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