Get Unlimited Money and Coin by Playing Hill Climb Racing Mod Apk

Hill Climb Racing Apk

Playing racing games is indeed the main attraction, because there are so many game lovers who still play the game. Both motorcycle racing or car racing, you can easily get the game on the Google Playstore or App store. If you want to play a car racing game, then we recommend Hill Climb Racing mod Apk. It offers a lot of advanced and interesting features for you to use to play the game later, including several ways to get money, coins and diamonds quickly and practically. Here is a brief review of the game hill climb racing mod apk that can make money.

Know About Hill Climb Racing Mod Apk

Hill Climb Racing Mod Apk is a car racing game with the Endless Running genre that will invite the players to have an adventure by crossing various hills and very challenging slopes. You will act as Newton Bill and are tasked with being able to drive your vehicle over a very steep and bumpy hill. This is because it is filled with many very large slopes. This game is the most used toy for many people.

Special Features in Hill Climb Racing Game Mod Apk

  1. Unlimited Money

To get money you must be able to complete the game, and complete several missions to get bonuses from the game. But, in this hill climb racing mod apk, you can get the unlimited money feature and it can be used easily and for free.

  1. All Items Unlocked

Please note that this game provides many types of vehicles that you can customize freely. This hill climb racing mod apk game has an unlock system which means that players are free to use any features and vehicles.

Cheat Ways to Increase Coins and Diamonds In Hill Climb Racing Mod Apk

The steps for the Cheat to Increase Coins in the Hill Climb Racing Android Game are as follows:

  1. First, root your smartphone
  2. Install the Hill Climb Racing game, Anttek Explorer and QuickEdit applications, then immediately open the Hill Climb Racing game, the image below will appear, where your current number of Coins is 0
  3. Exit the Hill Climb Racing game, then open the Anttek Explorer application. Tap on the icon like the image of the eye
  4. Select Detailed list and click OK
  5. Next, click the icon line in the upper left corner, then select the device option.
  6. Click data folder, then tap a data folder again, look for the com.fingersoft.hillclimb folder on the device and then click
  7. Then, open the folder named shared_prefs
  8. Find the file in the folder named hillclimbprefs.xml. Click the Pop-up menu appears, then select Open in the option
  9. After that select Quick Edit and press Just Once
  10. Then, the file will open in Quick Edit, choose the three-dot icon in the upper right corner of the window, then select Search
  11. Type “coin” in the Search Text section then select Search
  12. Then, enter the amount of Coin you want.
  13. After that, select Save
  14. Exit the text editor, then your coins increase automatically.

Those are some reviews about hill climb racing mod apk with procedures for getting some money, coins and diamonds in playing it.

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