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A reporter has tried comparing Anthony Albanese’s response to his COVID-19 infection to Scott Morrison’s, asking Shadow Treasurer Jim Shalmers why Mr Albanese hasn’t held a press conference on his first day out of isolation, when Mr Morrison had when he got out of isolation in March this year.

“Anthony Albanese is returning to the fray today, and we’re very pleased that our captain will be back on the field with us. And consistent with doctor’s orders, he is coming back, making sure he can do enough on the first day.” back, “Mr Chalmers replied.

When asked again about the comparison with the Prime Minister, Mr Chalmers said the contrast lies in how the two men are as leaders.

“I’ll tell you the contrast with the Prime Minister. Anthony Albanese, he shows up, he takes responsibility, he works hard every day to bring people together,” Mr Chalmers said.

Mr Chalmers said for any media that feels like they are missing out on asking Mr Albanese a question today, they will definitely have a chance over the next three weeks of the campaign.

“Well, the campaign has still got three weeks to run. Anthony Albanese’s done a heap of interviews this morning and he will have a heap of engagements out west [in Western Australia] as well, consistent with the health advice. “

Mr Albanese will be traveling to Perth, where on Sunday he will officially launch the Labor Party’s campaign.

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