7 Best Indonesian Stock Apps for Beginners 2021 Finance News

Best Indonesian Stock Apps

Equity investments are gaining increasing public attention. In addition, the momentum of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, which depressed the country’s stock market, attracted retail investors to this investment vehicle. The sharp drop in share prices has given beginners the opportunity to try their luck at investing in shares.

But aside from that “moment”, which doesn’t come often, equity investments are really promising. In comparison to other investment instruments, enormous potential returns are expected on the road. But make no mistake, the high returns are well worth the considerable risk. High risk, high return. This slogan best describes investment opportunities on the stock market.

Therefore, an investor must still consider the risk profile when choosing an investment vehicle. Still, if you’re ready to invest in stocks, investors need to do the research and study when choosing stocks.

One of the easiest and easiest ways to invest in stocks is to use a stocks application. This application is provided by securities or investment firms. Of course, it has yet to be approved by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

For inexperienced stock investors, the existence of a stock application is certainly very helpful. Sign up to buy and sell stocks with just one app on your phone.

So what are the best stock apps for beginners in 2021? Check out the following reviews:

  1. IPOT

The IPOT (Indo Premier Online Technology) application is one of the most popular stock applications in Indonesia. The IPOT application is PT Indo Premier Sekuritas’ online trading ecosystem for investing in stocks, mutual funds and ETFs with fairly complete features.

One of the advantages of IPOT is the Robo Trading and Fund Evaluator mechanism which can automatically execute all buy and sell orders for the stocks and prices you set. With this facility, you don’t lose the moment to trade stocks at the price you expected.

Investors can also use a fund appraiser to determine your initial investment decision and mutual funds.

Some of the advantages of IPOT:

  • Account registration can be done online without being face to face
  • There is no minimum deposit when opening a share account
  • Integration of stocks and mutual funds in one application
  • There are several features that make it easier for investors to conduct stock transactions
  • Stock and fund charts are very complete
  • There’s in-depth news and research features from the Indo Premier team
  • User interface that makes it easy for users
  • The share sale price is quoted as 0.29 percent per transaction, while the share purchase fee is 01.9 percent per transaction.
  1. Stock bit

The Stockbit application was originally presented as a stock exchange forum community, also known as social trading. This forum offers many advantages as investors exchange information about issuers or make recommendations.

Stockbit is becoming increasingly popular because stocks are an investment vehicle whose price movements are heavily influenced by market sentiment, including news or rumors. The Stockbit forum enables senior equity investors to offer their analysis of the current market sentiment and its impact on specific issuers.

Of course, such information is very valuable to inexperienced stock investors. Even if not 100 percent correct, this information and analysis is very useful before entering into a transaction.

Over time, however, Stockbit also offers a shopping and selling opportunity in partnership with Sinarmas Sekuritas. But remember, Stockbit is not a stockbroker.

Quoted from the statement in the Stockbit application, it is said that Stockbit is a stock investing application that allows you to discuss, analyze and trade stocks in a mobile application.

Some of the advantages of Stockbit:

  • Can trade stocks online
  • There is an action learning function
  • Learn stocks using virtual trading or online stock trading simulations that will help you learn how to invest in stocks.
  • Joint share discussion forum
  • You can analyze stock information with investors and traders in the Stockbit community. More than 100,000 investors and traders have joined this community and shared stock tips. You can get stock recommendations or stock picks from securities and research institutes free of charge.
  • Stock charts and technical indicators are available.
  • You can do stock charting in the Cloud with Chartbit (online charting platform) to support your trading activities. Stock signals are available, such as foreign flows and city data (bandarmology). There are also technical indicators complete with Foreign Flow, Bandarmology, Darva Box, Ichimoku Cloud, MACD, RSI, and many more.
  • The fundamentals of stocks you need to become a calculating investor. Such as P / E, price to book value, debt to equity, ROE, to dividend yield
  • Suitable for investors or traders

Stockbit can help investors with value investment principles as well as traders implementing swing trading.

  1. MOST Mandiri

MOST is a stock trading application from Mandiri Sekuritas, one of the largest stock brokers in Indonesia. Mandiri Sekuritas is also a subsidiary of PT Bank Mandiri Tbk. MOST comes with a user interface or interface that is friendly to new users or inexperienced stock investors.

At MOST, the fee to sell shares is 0.28 percent per transaction and the fee to buy shares is 0.18 percent per transaction.

A number of advantages of MOST:

  • Account registration can be done entirely online
  • Mandiri Sekuritas provides in-person or online training support for stock investors
  • Full access to daily research from trusted analysts at Mandiri Sekuritas
  1. BIONS – BNI Sekuritas Innovative Trading System

Just like MOST, BIONS will be presented by PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk (BBNI), one of the largest banking companies in Indonesia. BIONS also offers an attractive, personal interface that is friendly to inexperienced investors. If you want to invest in stocks at BIONS, you need to make an initial deposit of at least IDR 1 million.

Some of the advantages of BIONS are:

  • A friendly interface for novice investors
  • There is a trial account, for potential investors who are still trying without using money. With this facility, potential investors can familiarize themselves with online stock trading activities
  • The features provided by BIONS are quite complete, ranging from automatic order lists, watchlists, trade sectors, research, fundamentals, to corporate actions. BIONS also presents the latest news and information as well as research results from BNI Sekuritas
  1. FTI business

This application arguably comes in very handy for stock investors in developing stock trading strategies. RTI Business presents various information about the JCI, charts, financial data, news of each issuer, the exchange rate. You can also view information about the company’s performance over five years through the income statement, cash flow, profitability, balance sheet, and profit growth.

Interestingly, RTI Business also offers IDX virtual online trading functions or stock trading simulations. This feature is suitable for those of you who are new to stock investing and want to know the pros and cons of trading stocks beforehand.

  1. Mirae HOST

This application is also very popular with stock investors. The applications presented by Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia for equity investors are HOST for PC or laptop users and NEO HOST for mobile users.

Although the minimum deposit of 10 million IDR is quite high, customers have the option of opening a customer money account (RDN) at four banks. So investors also have many options for transferring their money. The fee for buying and selling Mirae shares is also quite low, at 0.25 percent for selling shares and 0.15 percent for buying shares.

  1. Magical

This stock application has been quite a hit lately as it features a well-known Korean actor, Kim Seon Ho, as the advertising star. The actor plays the character Han Ji Pyeong in the hit series Start Up on Netflix.

Well, Magic itself is a new player in the stock trading service provider. Ajaib Application is owned by the Ajaib Group, which is home to two companies, namely the Ajaib Mutual Fund and Ajaib Sekuritas. So Magic presents investment opportunities in mutual funds or stocks all at once.

With this capability, a customer does not have to bother using two different mutual fund and stock investing applications. Another plus is that Magic has a user interface that beginners to stocks will be familiar with.

Tips for choosing stock apps

Well, those were some stock apps that might be useful for those of you who are new to stock investing. There are several tips to keep in mind when choosing a stock application, including:

  • Adapt to the ownership of the bank account you have. There are some securities that only offer certain Client Fund Account (RDN) options.
  • Compare low trading fees. This will surely make it easier for you to buy and sell stocks. This means that you don’t have to pay a lot of fees even with frequent transactions.
  • Adapt to the availability of funds. There are some securities that require a relatively high initial fund placement. In fact, you may be an inexperienced investor just looking to try equity instruments. In this case, you can select securities that meet minimum initial deposit requirements.
  • Make sure the app is easy to use. You can compare the user interface of each application by looking at the reviews on Google Play.

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