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Personal finance apps

Managing finances is not as easy as turning the hand, not only recording the entry and exit of money, but more than that. So that we can easily manage finances, we recommend using the 5 applications below:


The personal finance app Moneycontrol launched by Moneycontrol.com is owned by E-Eighteen Dot Com (P) Ltd, a subsidiary of media company TV18.

  • Apart from economic and market news, this app also provides up-to-date market data.

If you trade in the stock market or invest in mutual funds, this is one of the best personal finance apps as it summarizes mutual fund investments as well as stock market performance and informs users about the latest prices of their investments.

  • An investor has to create a portfolio within the app and can track all stock market investments with just one click.
  • There is live TV with audio only options and a separate video-on-demand function.
  • This app advises users about investments, whether they should sell or buy or keep their investments.
  • This app is available for Windows, iOS and Android devices.

ET money

ETmoney is part of the Times Group and the word ET stands for Economic Times. This particular app can do more than just manage people’s daily expenses.

The ETmoney app helps users sort their monthly expenses into different categories like ATM withdrawals, entertainment, shopping, dining, travel, etc.

  • Just tapping a category will give you a more detailed breakdown of the costs in that particular category.
  • You can even get your weekly output report in graphical form.
  • The “More Information” section of the app provides more details on the user’s daily spending on weekends and weekdays.
  • This app is a good guide for mutual funds because investors know about market research, including current market trends, fund performance, and more.
  • The best thing about this app is that you can directly invest in funds with this app.


mTrakr, a startup based in New Delhi, is a free money manager app available in India. This dedicated app helps its users to make smarter spending decisions as users can manage their documents, bills, papers, financial accounts and reminders in one place.

What is special about this application is that it parses text messages sent by images and banks, and processing of documents can be done by uploading or clicking. No manual data entry is required as everything works automatically.

  • This app covers almost every aspect of personal finance from a money management perspective.
  • The app even manages individual bank accounts, which is especially useful for people with multiple bank accounts.
  • This application displays bank accounts in a consolidated form and helps individuals to quickly identify the latest available balance in their respective bank accounts.
  • Even track expenses under different categories like shopping, dining, travel and so on.
  • Multiple app functions including Document Manager, Budget Management, Event Manager and so on.


Chillr, which was launched in 2015 as India’s first multibank payments app, is already running on IMPS. This app has some useful features like expense tracking, money transfer option, QR scan function and so on.

  • This app is specially designed and forgotten by Indian users.
  • This application is very useful for tracking expenses and finances, dividing bills between groups, also offers mobile banking.
  • Users of this application will receive a summary of transactions at the end of each month.
  • The best thing about this app is that it allows its users to easily and securely transfer money to a friend’s phonebook instantly.

Money View

Money View was founded in April 2014 by Sanjay Aggarwal and based in Bangalore. This personal finance app helps its users to organize and track budget plans, get bill reminders and view their bank account balances. Users can even share their bills with other users.

The Money View app makes it easy for users to save more with their Savings+ and TaxSaver+ products.

Savings+ allows users to increase the unused money in their respective savings bank accounts or monthly savings while achieving higher returns.

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